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About Adelphi Distillery
Founded in 1826, the Adelphi Distillery is now Scotland’s most acclaimed independent bottler of sing More Info...


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Whisky / Scotch Whisky / Adelphi Distillery

Breath of Speyside 2006 (70cl, 57.9%), 10 years old

Brand: Adelphi Distillery

Style: Single Malt scotch Whisky
Bottler: Adelphi
Age: 10 years old

1 of only 552 bottles

Tasting note: Peach drink, cumin, cocoa, mineral, funk, metallic.

Less funk and sweetness at first. It develops some earth/spice (or as I overuse it, cumin). Some water brings out more of the funk and mineral/metal aspects.

Product code: W-Ade-Breath-70



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