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Hints & Tips

Tomtom Shopping Tips & Info
Our tips & info provide answers to common questions about our products. It also contains tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your purchase.
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What are Cigar Regional Editions?
Since 2005, the companies that distribute Habanos in different territories around the world have been invited by Habanos S.A. to bid for the chance to develop their own special sizes in certain Habanos brands, which will be made in limited quantities for sale only in their own markets. They are known as Regional Editions...

The History of Cigars
Nobody knows for sure when the tobacco plant was first cultivated, but there is little doubt about where.

How to store cigars?
Cuban cigars originate from the Caribbean, which has a tropical climate very different to Europe. As a natural product, your Havana cigars need to be kept carefully.

How are Havanas made?
There are five tobacco regions in Cuba: Oriente, Remedios, Partidos, Semi-Vuelta and Vuelta Abajo. Just two, Partidos and Vuelta Abajo grow tobacco fine enough for Havana's "Grandes Marques". Only Vuelta Abajo, with its unique soil and climate, produces all the leaves needed to blend a cigar.

How to smoke cigars?
Far be it for us to instruct anyone how to smoke their cigars, but here goes anyway...

Cigar Glossary
These notes, unless where otherwise stated, refer to Cigars from Cuba.

Cigar Colours
Cigars come in different grades of colour which is produced naturally by the plant as the higher leaves will be darker than the lower ones. There is no artificial process involved.

How can I tell whether a box of Cuban Havanas is genuine?
There are several safety measures to make sure the cigars that you are buying are genuine. A Havana is produced under strict supervision by Habanos SA which guarantees the quality of the cigar.

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